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Mach6025 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Working area:6000*2500mm

Laser power:1000~30000W

Overall dimension:15200*4400*2250mm


Beckhoff CNC System

Machine is equipped with Bechhoff CNC system and EtherCAT real-time control protocol, which reduce machine downtime and ensure instant response. Besides, the open automation systems of Beckhoff CNC realizes that the extended automation system and applications can be easily integrated into machine.

Fully Enclosed Housing

Fully enclosed housing and safety circuit design are adopted, equipped with laser radiation shielding glass. Design of higher safety standard ensures the safety of operators.

Direct-drive System with High-torque Servo Motor

Synchronous drive system on both sides of cutting bridge,Equipped with high torque direct drive system. Ensure the powerful driving, high accuracy cutting and excellent dynamic response.

Servo-control Valve of Cutting Gas Pressure

Programmable Servo-control valve can switch the type of cutting gas automatically, and accurately control the gas pressure without user intervention, which achieve use friendly and reduce gas consumption.


Better laser beam quality, lower operating costs, less power consumption and longer service life due to the use of new generation IPG fiber laser source;

Equipped with PRECITEC new generation pro-cutter laser cutting head, realizing cutting process optimization and cutting conditions monitoring through App;

Eagle Eye technology (CCD), ultra-fast positioning of the sheet metal edge, minimum downtime. Additionally, punching parts & precut parts processing is also available due to secondary positioning function;

Optimized cutting technology with programmable laser frequency and focus position, achieves high-efficiency processing on different thickness and type of sheet metal. Cutting process can be programmed by changing the parameters, no need human intervention, use easily and friendly;

Automatic power saving, when machine stops operating for over 5 minutes, it will automatically switch into “standby” mode, to reduce power consumption;

Auto exchanging table with hydraulic lifting system reliable and stable ensures synchronous running;

With remote function, real-time working condition monitor can be realized, which make it easy for operators to use the machine;

Ergonomic design, equipped with intelligent operation terminal, make the machine user-friendly and easy to learn.

Model MACH6025A
Output laser power 1000~30000W
Working area 6000*2500mm
Position accuracy ±0.05mm / m
Reposition accuracy ±0.03mm/ m
X/Y axis maximum linkage speed 240m/min
Maximum positioning acceleration 2.4g
Overall dimension 15200*4400*2250mm
Metal materials such as Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, Titanium alloy, Galvanize sheet, Brass, Red copper etc.

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