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HyTube6516 Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Working area:6500mm×φ10-150mm, 6500mm×□10-110mm

Laser power:

Overall dimension:12m*4.3m*2.8m


HyTube6516 Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Linear positioning speed is 100m/min, rotation positioning speed is 120m/min.


Adopts PA CNC system, integrates professional tube cutting platform, powerful but simple for operation, with user-friendly HMI;

Lantek tube cutting software helps to achieve “all-time & high efficiency cutting”, one of the core technology to guarantee material saving and efficiency cutting;

German PRECITEC cutting head, high precision with robust stability;

Special designed flexible tube support device, to keep the device grip the tube tightly during the tube feeding and rotating. Support power is set according to tube size, ensure the tube would not droop, and minimize the axis swing during the rotation, improve the cutting accuracy ;

Automatically loading by whole package tube, reduce staff number and improve the processing efficiency ;

Tube type auto-recognition system, different types tubes can be mixed loading together, the system will select the proper parameter from the application library automatically ;

Tube cutting application library make operator enjoy the user-friendly HMI and “One-button setting parameter” function according to the tube type, the parameter can be modified in real-time ;

High precision & high-pressure servo-control valve can precise control the cutting gas and pneumatic chuck, to achieve the best cutting quality ;

Linear positioning speed is 100m/min, rotation positioning speed is 120m/min.




Tube  ranges(length ×   tube  diameter) 6500mm×φ10-150mm ,  6500mm×□10-110mm(Other type of tube with an external circle not larger than φ150mm/ φ210mm/ φ310mm)
X-axis 7050mm
Y-axis 230mm
A、B-axis Infinite rotation
Z-axis 150mm
X、Y-axis  positioning  accuracy ±0.05mm/1000mm
X、Y-axis  re-positioning  accuracy ±0.03mm
A、B-axis  positioning  accuracy ±30"
A、B-axis  re-positioning  accuracy ±10"
X、Y-axis  max  positioning  speed 100m/min
A  max  positioning  speed 70rpm
Mix  loading  speed 2500-6500mm(Automatic length detection)
Unloading  length 0-4000mm
Weight  7500Kg
Single  tube  weight 80kg
Machine  dimension(L*W*H) 12m X 4.3m X 2.8m
Supply  Voltage, VAC 3-phase 3/380V/50Hz
Total  power  supply  protection  class IP54
Carbon steel tube cutting,Aluminum alloy tube cutting,SS Pipe cutting ,Titanium Tube cutting

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