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HystoRe 3015

Model:HystoRe 3015

Working area:3000mmx1500mm

Laser power:

Overall dimension:13150mmx4800mmx4840mm


Automatic loading & unloading and storage system of laser cutting machine

Intelligent production can effectively save labor cost
The multi-layer storage unit greatly improves the utilization rate of the site
Modular design can realize multi - machine linkage loading and unloading
Bus communication and intelligent factory MES system are seamlessly connected


Laser cutting flexible production line is based on our MACH and WIND series laser cutting machines. On this cutting platform, HyStore series automatic loading and unloading unit is installed. In combination with the integrated flexible system developed by our company on Beckhoff system, the whole flexible production line has the following features:

Fully automatic intelligent production, unmanned, greatly saving labor costs;

Automatic loading and unloading, greatly improve production efficiency;

Multi-level material storage unit greatly saves the site and improves the utilization rate of the site;

Modular design can achieve single and multi - machine linkage loading and unloading;

EtherCAT bus communication enables seamless integration of smart factory MES system.

Number of store layers 8 Floor
Max tray lif ting speed 0.25m/s
Max tray translational moving speed 0.4m/s
Max translation speed of loading mechanism 0.8m/s
Max lifting speed of loading mechanism 0.25m/s
Max translation speed of unloading mechanism 0.8m/s
Max lifting speed of unloading mechanism 0.25m/s
Unloading fork switching speed 0.4m/s
Vibration value 0.5G
Running beat 90S
Storage load 24T
The scope of work 3000mmx1500mm
Overal l dimensions 13150mmx4800mmx4840mm
Working environment temp: -10~45℃ humidity: ≤95%RH no condensation
Power supply 30 KVA/3P+E/380VAC±10%/50HZ
Air source the working pressure shall not be lower than 0.6mpa, and the flow rate shall not be lower than 0.4m³/min

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