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HyTube Series Three Chuck Fiber Laser Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Model:HyTube 6532C/9532C

Working area:

Laser power:1-6KW

Overall dimension:15400×3600× 2400mm/24800×3600× 2400mm


HyTube Series Three Chuck Fiber Laser Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Advanced servo tube support device
Multiple section cutting control fuction
Powerful special tube cutting CNC system
Built-in cutting library,one-key set processing
3D follow-up laser cutting head,cutting more efficient
Double cutting stations can realize "zero" tail processing
Automatic bale loading system,finished tube loading system
Three chuck structure four claw slef-centering clamping fuction

Model HyTube 6532C HyTube 9532C
Chuck number 3 3
Tube range Circular tube φ15~φ320 length 6000mm φ15~φ320 length 9000mm
Square tube □15~□220 6000mm □15~□220 length 9000mm
Irregular tube Outer circle φ12~φ310 length 6500mm Outer circle φ15~φ310 length 9000mm
Chuck Max loading weight 400Kg 400Kg
Chuck rotating speed 85rmp 85rmp
Max positioning speed of moving chuck 100m/min 100m/min
Max positioning acceleration 1.0G 1.0G
Linear axis positioning accuracy 0.05mm/m(VDI/DGQ3441) 0.05mm/m(VDI/DGQ3441)
Repositioning accuracy 0.03mm(VDI/DGQ3441) 0.03mm(VDI/DGQ3441)
Automatic Max loading length 3000-6000mm 3000-9000mm
Max unloading length 0-6000mm 0-9000mm
Machine Weight Without loading and unloading 10T 15T
Including loading and unloading system 13T 19T
Laser power 1-6KW 1-6KW
Tail length 0-180mm 0-180mm
Dimension(Excluding loading system) 15400×3600×2400mm 24800×3600×2400mm
Support laser cutting of angle steel, channel steel, I-beam and special-shaped pipe.

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