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Maintenance and attention of laser cutting machine in summer

2018-04-17:16:38    Browsing volume:5412

The air has a high humidity in summer because of the increase in temperature. The scientific maintenance of laser cutting machine can prevent many minor problems in use.

1, the idea of cooling water temperature should not be too different from the air temperature. Laser cutting machine's laser and optical lens are used in water cooling. As the water in the air is cooled, it condenses into water. When the temperature of the cooling water is lower than 5-7 degrees, the surface of the laser and optical lens will have water condensation, which greatly affects the surface of the laser and optical lens. The laser output efficiency and the transmission of optical lenses have great influence on the laser energy and the service life of optical components. It is recommended that the majority of laser cutting machine users set water temperature of 30-32 degrees, control cooling water temperature and room temperature difference is greater than 7 degrees.

2, the temperature rises in the summer, the cooling system of the laser cutting machine increases. It is suggested that the internal pressure of the maintenance chiller should be checked before the high temperature. The pressure of the equipment of different manufacturers is not the same. It is suggested that the specific parameters of the equipment manufacturers should be consulted before the maintenance.

3, as the temperature is high in summer, the deterioration speed of cooling water will also be accelerated. It is suggested that the users of the laser cutting machine use regular distilled water or pure water, and clean the scale regularly so as not to cause the influence of laser power in the laser and pipeline. Different types of laser cutting machines are different in cleaning scale. Please operate under the guidance of equipment manufacturers.

4. Because the dust of the metal laser cutting machine is mainly metal powder, it is suggested to regularly clean up the dust in the laser cutting machine cabinet and check the work of the cooling fan.


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